Diabetes is a chronic condition that occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin or cannot use it effectively. Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas that is needed to move glucose (sugar) from the blood into the body’s cells, where it is used to produce energy.

Unfortunately diabetes is an increasingly common disease, and is associated with a number of complications, which can dramatically affect the quality of life of people with diabetes.

Diabetes doesn’t hurt. It is a silent disease… which is why regular medical monitoring is so important.

By controlling blood sugar levels and the risk factors associated with diabetes, it is possible to reduce the risk of the onset of chronic complications associated with this disease.

On the other hand, Obesity has already taken pandemic proportions and is also a chronic, complex, and multifactorial disease, requiring multidisciplinary assessment and appropriate therapy.

We created the Diabetes & Obesity appointment to meet the needs of people with these pathologies in a multidisciplinary approach and with great focus on the specific needs and unique characteristics of each patient.

What can you expect from your Diabetes & Obesity appointment?

  • Comprehensive assessment of the pathology;
  • Advice on exercise and nutrition;
  • Empowerment of the patient for self-assessment and control of the disease;
  • Institution of adequate and current drug therapy;
  • Prevention of associated comorbidities in a holistic approach to the person.

Dr Joana Louro is a specialist (Consultant Grade) in Internal Medicine, with competence in diabetes by the Portuguese Society of Internal Medicine. Member of the board of NEDM (Diabetes Mellitus Study Center), researcher in the area of diabetes, with numerous lectures and scientific papers published.

Diabetes and its associated complications can erode your quality of life.

Don’t waste time, control your diabetes, control your life!
Make your appointment now.

DR Joana Louro


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