About Us

Competence & Responsibility

We are a team of responsible, experienced and dedicated professionals.
Our focus is your good health and that of your family.

Quality and Transparency

We offer excellent and personalized services using the latest certified equipment.

Confidence and Respect

We work together as a team to ensure the satisfaction and confidence of our clients with the highest respect for your well being.

Who we are

Since 2010, Clinimed Óbidos – Medical Centre has been working with aim to improve the health of our clients focusing on top quality service.

We have united a wide range of medical specialties, each with very expierienced and highly qualified  professionals who is continuously attentive to the needs of our clients so as to offer excellent medical service with a personal touch.

Situated only a minute away from the village of Óbidos, Clinimed Óbidos is a 240m2 establishment that has been built and equipped to provide the best care for our clients.


To provide excellent medical services to the inhabitants of Óbidos and surrounding parishes thus contributing to the positive increase in quality of life and social well-being with a commitment to respect every individual and his unique needs along with respecting the neighbouring society and its surroundings through the collaboration of a team of highly experienced medical team using top quality equipment in a priviledged space.


We aim to be recognized as the leading healthcare providers in the intervention area, through the quality of our care and through the practice of a distinctive quality medicine.


drª Rose M. Barbosa

Português, English
dr Fernando Correia
Português, Français
DRª Ana Maria Costa
Português, English
DR Daniel Elias
Português, English

DRª Raquel Monteiro

Português, English
DRª Fernanda Neves
Português, English
DR Alberto Pereira
Português, English

DRª Filipa Nunes

Português, English, Français

DR eduardo baptista

Português, English

DRª Ana Rodrigues

Português, English
DR Lucilino Ferreira
Português, English

Dr rui abreu

Português, English
DR Rui Garcia
Português, English
DR António Oliveira
Português, English
DR Horácio Lopes
Português, English
DRª Raquel Carreira
Português, English
DRª Alison Collis
Português, English
DR António Cabeço
Português, English
DR Paulo Santos
Português, English

DRª Carla Ramos

DRª flávia oliveira

Português, English

DRª Elsa martins



Português, English

DR Renato Santos


Português, English

Our Contacts

(+351) 262 950 641

Rua da Raposeira, Lt 7
Bairro dos Arcos | 2510-115 Óbidos
GPS: 39.353979, -9.158079

Working Hours:

Monday to Friday

am to pm


10 am to pm
Clinical Analysis:

Monday to Friday

am to 10 am