Children are our future, they are the engine of a constantly improving world.

Parents, families and pediatricians are the primary protectors of children.

Pediatrics is the Medical Specialty responsible for monitoring the growth and development of children and adolescents until adulthood, monitoring their health status, preventing, diagnosing and treating any physical, emotional and social problems or diseases.

Your Pediatrician will ensure the healthy development of your children through periodic routine consultations.

With us your children will be in the best hands.

DRª Raquel Carreira

Monday and Wednesday

14:30h to 17h

DRª Madalena Sassetti

Tuesday and Thursday

14:30h to 18h


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Rua da Raposeira, Lt 7
Bairro dos Arcos | 2510-081 Óbidos
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Monday to Friday

08h às 19h

Interrupção de almoço

13h às 14:30h

Clinical Analysis:

Monday to Friday

08h às 12h