Since ancient times, human beings have been looking for methods and techniques for maintaining beauty and youth. In fact, more than the absence of disease, health is the presence of complete physical, psychological and social well-being, so that we feel comfortable in our body and achieve high levels of self-esteem is a universal desire. We want a harmonious self-image that gives us the confidence to live life to the full and a physical aspect consistent with the age we feel inside.

Aesthetic Medicine is a medical subspecialty that, through minimally invasive techniques, seeks to respond to the treatment and prevention of aesthetic pathology not caused by disease, such as wrinkles, flaccidity, blemishes, contributing to healthy longevity and harmonious aging. These techniques require a thorough knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, and should therefore be performed only by doctors.

We prevent and treat signs of aging through procedures such as: filling with hyaluronic acid (lips, dark circles, cheekbones, chin), application of botulinic toxin, use of biostimulators, etc. These are performed using topical or local anesthesia for minimal discomfort and without the need for hospitalization. Some of the procedures have immediate visible results, while in others the improvement is more gradual and subtle. The goal is to highlight and improve your own beauty by restoring and balancing facial volumes and improving skin quality – what we call facial harmonization. The combination of these treatments with healthy eating, smoking avoidance and sun protection will be the key to optimizing the desired results.

In the Aesthetic Medicine consultation, state what concerns you. A questionnaire about your health will be made so that the treatment is applied safely and we will use your photograph, taken at our facilities, to plan the treatments and be able to compare with the final result. Your doctor will collect all of this data and propose the treatment plan that best suits you and your expectations.

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Dr Ana Arruda
OM 58171
Doctor, Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine