A Gynaecology consultation should be part of every woman’s health routine, regardless of your age or sexual activity.

The examination is a very simple procedure. It is crucial in the presence of symptoms to guide the patient to the most appropriate treatment for each pathology. It is just as important even in the absence of symptoms for the prevention and early identification of several gynaecological diseases allowing the establishment of the most effective therapy in a timely manner.

Cervical cancer screenings allow an early diagnosis of lesions that can progress to cancer if not treated in time. This is done by performing a regular pap-smear or a test to detect any STD infections that is also performed during the examination. All women should have the cervical cancer screening whether or not they are active or not sexually.

It is also very important for women to have a breast examination which is also part of the gynaecological consultation routine. Screening for breast cancer through a regular mammogram is recommended in Portugal for women aged 50 + and can be started at younger ages depending on each women’s characteristics individually.

Contraception plays a key role in women of a childbearing age in ensuring adequate sexual and reproductive health. During the appointment the doctor will discuss appropriate contraceptive options for each specific case not neglecting the prevention of STD`s. The proper planning and regular observation contributes to the detection of certain conditions that may complicate a pregnancy.

Menopause is a stage during a woman´s life that deserves special attention, the transition phase to this new hormonal state may make some complications or conditions arise with it. Hormone Therapy is an approved treatment for relief of menopause symptoms that will help you to decide the benefits and risks of everything that is happening to your body.

The prevention and early diagnosis of certain diseases such as cervical and breast cancer should be regularly checked with a gynaecological consultation in order also to ensure an adequate sexual and reproductive healthy body.

Dr.ª Filipa Coutinho Nunes